Before You Begin

The following information is in the TQWARP log file:

[03-21-2019 08:34:11] [Info] [pdh64] Object "{115b92b4-7191-491a-a9b5-93c8e9fb641b}" does not exist on the system.
[03-21-2019 08:34:11] [Info] [pdh64] The specified object was not found on the computer. (0xC0000BB8)
[03-21-2019 08:34:12] [Fatal] [pdh64] Agent collector initialzation failed.
Temp pipe broken
[3-21-2019 08:34:12] [Error] Child collection process failed with an error (non-zero exit code)

This indicates that there is an issue with perfproc. This issue might be corruption, but with Microsoft Windows 2016, it appears that you can disable perfproc using a flag.


  1. From the Monitoring tools, click Performance Monitor.
  2. Click + above the graph. 
  3. From the Local _computer list, click Process.
  4. Highlight with_Total.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click OK.

Note: If process data is displayed in numbers rather than in names when selecting _Total or if counters are not displayed, the process data is corrupt and needs to be repaired.

You can check the following key, if it exists, remove it, or set the value to FALSE. If you make one of these changes, you need to restart the system to apply the changes. Process data will not be displayed as a field in perfmon.


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