Would like to Direct Check-in documents without being forced to log into WebDocs every time scan workstation is opened.


Below version 1.1.57:

Upgrade to the current version.

From version 1.1.57 to 2.1.4:

Edit RJSIMGSCAN.INI (Default location is C:\program files\rjsimgscan\rjsimgscan.ini), search for the "ForceLogin" setting and change the value to 0.

Version 2.1.5 and above:

Every user receives their own copy of the ini file under their user directory, so WebDocs credentials may be specified per Windows user account. This is the preferred method going forward. If you have a shared Windows account for multiple WebDocs users, the ForceLogin method specified above will still work, and should be specified on the Master INI.
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