To Setup:

  • Select System Setup
  • Right Click on Auditing and select Properties
  • You can see the status of your Auditing, and adjust the number of days to retain logs for.

To Start or Stop:

  • Right click on Auditing
  • Select Start or Stop Auditing

To View Auditing

  • Double Click on Auditing to see all the records in the audit log
    • The records will be filtered.  The filter can be changed in the upper left.  Select the drop down, and a new filter to adjust.  You can also create a filter by selecting the button to the right of the drop down
    • Refresh the log using the button in the upper left, or the F5 key
    • You can sort the audit log by selecting the column headers
  • To view additional details double click on the record
  • If you are not sure on the field name, select the Legend button

To Print the Audit Log

  • Expand Reports
  • Select System Setup
  • Double Click Audit Log
    • Configure the necessary fields to filter the log
      • Time Range for the Log
      • Job Name or User Profile
      • The Robot User Profiles can be omitted.  They will show up as making changes for submitting jobs and posting completion codes.  
      • Type of Change
      • Data Selection
      • The field legend can also be adjusted    
  • Configure the Output Queue to send the spool file too.  Select Submit to print the report to a spool file on the IBM i
  • Also consider additional Fortra Products, like Robot Reports and Robot Alert, to automate Report Distribution
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