When you print over TCP/IP using the Print Screen key or the workstation customization (WSCST) tag FNTGRP, the font size in the output is too small. The font size is correct when you use a spool file with PCL macros or you use the OVRPRTF command.


When you print to a laser printer, the print size is reduced by default to ensure that the whole print-out fits on the page. This is called Computer Output Reduction, or *COR, and is the default value in the PAGRTT parameter in the PRTF commands.
To better control the printing, use the OVRPRTF command to set your own page rotation (PAGRTT), characters per inch (CPI), and lines per inch (LPI):
  • To print in landscape mode, use PAGRTT(90).
  • Most print-outs that fit on greenbar paper also fit on a laser printer with CPI(15) and LPI(8).
  • To increase the font size, decrease the CPI.
  • If you find a print size that fits most print-outs, use the CHGPRTF command to change one or all printer files system-wide.

    Note: Because many IBM-supplied files revert back to the IBM default during a release change, you may want to save these commands in a CL program, and execute that program with a release upgrade.

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