It appears that WinSpool/400 is not ending all jobs after processing because WINSPOOL commands show up on the WRKACTJOB screen even after WinSpool/400 is no longer processing:
Even though I stop the Winbatch server on my PC, I can still see these jobs on my AS/400:
  QTFTP01286   QTCP        BCH      .0  CMD-WSPL016      DEQW
  QTFTP01398   QTCP        BCH      .0  PGM-WSPL024C     DEQW
  QTFTP01434   QTCP        BCH      .0  CMD-CHGSPLFA     DEQW
  QTFTP05244   QTCP        BCH      .0  CMD-CHGSPLFA     DEQW
  QTFTP07411   QTCP        BCH      .0  PGM-WSPL024C     TIMW
How do I shut down everything to do with winspool on the AS/400?


The AS/400 FTP Server is sort of a wierd animal. What we have found is that the AS/400 FTP Server always keeps a set of jobs active so that start up times are minimized when someone logs in via FTP. For some odd reason the FTP Server always leaves the last command that was run showing on the screen in WRKACTJOB even though the command has completed. What this means is that there is NO problem with what you are seeing and there are not commands being left running. This is just a oddity with the AS/400 FTP Server jobs.  There should be nothing special you need to do. 
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