The following problem was Visual Basic related, and was related to a specific customer's custom scripts. It may/may not be applicable to your situation.


Customer is getting an error message from the scripting engine that says "10062 Overflow." when trying to check in a document via [[RJS Imaging Scan Workstation]].


Checked the PreProcessExit procedure in their custom RJSIMGSCAN.BAS script. They were formatting their customer number as Format(CInt(sReturnVariant(1)), "00000") in order to force it to have a minimum of 5 digits.
Changed this line to Format(CLng(sReturnVariant(1)),"00000") and it worked.
The problem was that the sReturnVariant(1) was defined as a Long so the size of the numeric being returned was too large to fit in a standard Int, thus causing the overflow problem. Check the variables being passed through the script for datatype mismatch.
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