PC Prerequisites:

  • RPG2SQL PC Component
  • Lotus Notes Client
  • Lotus Notes SQL

To configure and test NotesSQL ODBC Driver to use with RPG2SQL:

  1. Set RPG2SQL PC Component to debug mode.
  2. Go to Start > Programs > Lotus Applications > NotesSQL > NotesSQL Authentication List Manager and add the Notes user ID to the allowed user list.
  3. In NotesSQL Authentication List Manager, select the NOTES.INI files and add a user for the Notes ID file that will access NotesSQL with RPG2SQL.

  4. Use the RPG2SQL RPG samples LNTEST01 and LNTEST02 to get started adding to your Lotus Notes database.

    For example: To call LNTEST01, use:

    LNTEST01 DOMSERVER('RJS270') DOMDATABSE(AS400RP5.NSF) DOMUSER('Richard Schoen/RJS Software Systems Inc.') DOMPASS(TEST)

    Note: The Notes User ID and Domain passed to the NotesSQL sample program must match the entry in the Authentication List Manager. If you pass an incorrect user ID and password to the LNTEXT command, RPG2SQL PC Component may give the following errors:

    Connection request id 316 from
    Received Open Connection: Driver={Lotus NotesSQL Driver (*.nsf)}; Server=RJS270; Database=AS400RP5.NSF; Uid=Richard Schoen/RJS Software Systems Inc.; Pwd=TEST; from
    Sending: 100 SQL
    999 ERR-2147217843 [Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Driver not capable
    199 EOF
    Received SQL Execute: insert into Archived_Document
     UserField1,UserField2) VALUES('Test RPG2SQL Document','2004-12-01','This is
     a test string','QSYSPRT','USRDTA1','JOBNAME1','1','USERID1','FORMTYPE1',
     'S1011111','QPRINT','QGPL','User Field 1','User Field 2') from
    Sending: 100 SQL

    999 ERR3704 Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.

  5. After running your variation of he LNTEST01 program, look at your Lotus Notes database and find the records that were inserted into the table.
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