Depending on the specific requirements, the answer is a qualified Yes.

Sequel Data Warehouse is a native IBM i software product and does not itself run on Windows, Linux, /Unix or Mainframe servers. The primary tables built and managed by Sequel Data Warehouseare IBM i DB2 tables. However you can also load all or some of that data to any supported target database, such as MS SQL Server or Oracle. This allows you to build a central data warehouse on IBM i and provide support for departmental data marts on other server platforms, or to feed data to applications hosted on other platforms.

Some examples of how Sequel Data Warehouse can be used to load/send data to other platforms:

One of our largest clients uses Sequel Data Warehouse as the central data hub, feeding an Oracle based General Ledger as well as sending check printing information to their Oracle Accounts Payable application. These are batch type 'pushes' of data from their Sequel Data Warehouse tables.
A South American client uses Sequel Data Warehouse Change Data Capture and ETL  to capture credit card transactions from their IBM i application and send them in real-time to an Oracle database.
Several of our clients pull data from their application, process it via Sequel Data Warehouse ETL to update and enhance the data, and then upload it back into Salesforce.

As you can see from these examples, Sequel Data Warehouse has both batch and real-time support for loading data into tables on other platforms.

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