You want to connect your iSeries to the internet through your internet router so you can send email messages with SMTP. You currently cannot ping an internet IP address from the iSeries, but you can from a PC. 


Note: This solution does not require enabling the iSeries SMTP server.
To connect your iSeries through your internet router:
  1. Log in to the iSeries.
  2. Type GO CFGTCP and press Enter.
  3. Choose 2. Work with TCP/IP routes.
  4. Type 1 and press Enter to add a new default route entry.
  5. Enter the following parameters:
    • Route destination: *DFTROUTE
    • Subnet mask: *NONE
    • Next hop: Your internet router's IP address. For example:
  6. Press Enter to save the new default router entry.
  7. Test that you can ping an internet IP address.

    The iSeries can now ping an internet IP address through your internet router. 

Now that you've created a default route to the internet for your iSeries, you can configure your RJS Software products to send email directly from the iSeries to an internet ISP.
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