You can dynamically change image files in your iForms template based upon a field value or a parameter value.
To set this up:
  1. Make sure that have all your fields/parameters already defined in your iForms Template.
  2. Create a picture field for your image.
  3. Open the properties of the image field and go to the Image Expression field on the Image tab (see image).
    • The goal is the create a string that contains the path to your image file(s) using the value from the field/parameter.
  4. Start with the base path, add the field/parameter value for the dynamic image name and then add the file extension
    • Example: To create a path with a field, the expression would something like: "/RJSIFORMS/" + $F{FIELD_NAME} + ''jpg''. To create a path with a parameter, the expression would something like: "/RJSIFORMS/" + $P{PARAM_NAME} + ".jpg".
  5. Test the expression (using the Wizard)
  6. Save the form
  7. Compile and test the form.
NOTE: It is highly recommended that you save all images in the same folder with the same file extension.  If you do not, you will need to either pass more information to your field/parameter or you will need to add quite a bit more logic to the Image Expression field.
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