We receive a number of questions about the Chart data not graphing the incoming and outgoing bits/bytes correctly after modifying the prefix in chart options.  Reports of the graph displaying a flatline is the most common. This article will demonstrate a procedure to help graph incoming and outgoing bites/bytes after changing the prefix in the chart options.

Here is a screenshot of an interface status window. We can see the Transmit Statistics showing 4938 bps and the goal is to chart the data, but convert it from bps to Mbps.

When you first start charting the Outgoing bits from the interface window, the chart displays correctly.

Simply changing the prefix to Mega causes the graph to flatline.

If you look at a conversion chart from bps to Mbps and use 4938 outgoing bits based off the first screenshot of the Interface status window this is what we get.

The number .004938 is a couple digits short of being 1.  Basically, the number is too small to display on a chart unless we make the upper bounds a number that is closer to the Megabit number.
Intermapper relies on the user to identify the upper bounds it should be using. If we put 0.010 in the upper bounds while using mega –M we get this.

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