Before You Begin

This document describes how to change TeamQuest Administration Console settings and passwords. The following steps are not for changing LDAP passwords and PostgreSQL passwords.


  1. Sign into TeamQuest Administration Console.
  2. Shutdown TeamQuest Administration Console using the following command:
    /console/scripts/ stop
  3. Run the following command:
    console/scripts/ setup

    The standard installation and configuration is initiated. 
  4. From the initialization, you can change the TeamQuest Administration Console password, as well as the non LDAP administrator password.  


[root@clrhsuppsandbox scripts]# ./ setup
Initializing Administration Console configuration.
PHPRC: /opt/teamquest/data/cf/console

Specify the Administration Console webapp account credentials for administration.

Administrator User [administrator]:
Reset administrator password to 'admin' Y/N? [N]: y
Resetting the administrator account reverts all of the user's configuration options to the default val                               ues included with Administration Console. This includes removing the administrator user from all user                                groups, resetting all portlets, resetting all user time zone and date formatting settings, and removin                               g all saved searches created by the administrator user. Keyring users created by the administrator use                               r are unaffected.

Reset all administrator settings to default Y/N? [N]: y

Enter the following parameter values for this application to connect to its
PostgreSQL database:

PostgreSQL Host [localhost]:
PostgreSQL Port [2732]:
PostgreSQL Database [console]:
PostgreSQL Superuser Name [administrator]:
Confirm Password:

Administration Console requires exclusive use of three unique port numbers.
These ports cannot be used by other applications.
Enter the following port numbers for this application:

      - UI Port is the port for HTTPS user connections to the TeamQuest
        Administration Console user interface through a browser. The default is
        443 for root users on Microsoft Windows and UNIX/Linux systems, and
        8443 for non-root users on UNIX/Linux systems.

      - Machine Port is the HTTPS port used to configure the connection from
        TeamQuest Manager or TeamQuest Analyzer to the TeamQuest Administration
        Console. This port provides an HTTPS connection and is the recommended port.
        The default is 2783.

      - Legacy Port the HTTP port used to configure the connection from TeamQuest
        Manager or TeamQuest Analyzer to the TeamQuest Administration Console.
        The default is 2780. TeamQuest Corporation recommends using the machine
        port because it provides an HTTPS connection.

UI Port [443]:
Machine Port [2783]:
Legacy Port [2780]:

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