Problem Statement:

How can you check to see if JAVA is working on your iSeries?

When starting applications that uses Java, JAVA must be properly configured on the iSeries. If there is a problem starting these servers for one reason or another, things may not work properly.


  1. Run one for the following Java commands below for the ShowCase version installed to verify if JAVA is working properly on the iSeries: 

For STRATEGY 6.5x we use java version 1.4
On pre V5R1:  
JAVA CLASS( PROP((java.version '1.4'))
On V5R1, V5R2 and V5R3:    
JAVA CLASS(Hello) CLASSPATH('/qibm/ProdData/Java400') PROP((java.version 1.4))

For ShowCase versions 7.xx we use java version 1.4
On pre V5R1:  
JAVA CLASS( PROP((java.version '1.4'))
On V5R1, V5R2, V5R3 and V5R4:    
JAVA CLASS(Hello) CLASSPATH('/qibm/ProdData/Java400') PROP((java.version 1.4))                            

For ShowCase versions 8.00, 9.0, and 9.1 we use java version 1.5
JAVA CLASS(Hello) CLASSPATH('/qibm/ProdData/Java400') PROP((java.version 1.5))

  1. After the command has been entered, a screen will appear with "Java Shell Display" at the top, followed by:    
Hello World            
Java program completed

The joblog information should look like the following:

>  java                         
Object QP0ZTRML type *DTAQ created in library QTEMP.     
Java program run in job 272497/DEP/QJVACMDSRV completed.
Object QP0ZTRML in QTEMP type *DTAQ deleted.  
  1. If the above information does not after running the command, then there is a problem with JAVA on your iSeries.  Contact IBM iSeries Support for assistance.


Ref#: 1475838





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