1. Enhancement: Added support for files with a .TIFF extension.


21 February 2013

  1. Fixed issue with domain users not able to open documents because of the period in their user name.


27 September 2011

  1. Fixed issue with wrong document in the list being selected and opened when double clicking on the document list grid. This only seems to be an issue on some XP machines.


27 September 2011

  1. Fixed Inobx Load Error: 41501 Invalid Index value was passed in - Trace Point: 1230


27 September 2011

  1. Added the ability for documents to be opened in the RJS Imaging Client.


2 February 2010

  1. Added WEBDOCSTEMP as the sub folder for the workdir setting in the .ini


2 February 2010

  1. Fixed issue with Open Next Document not working when an Approval Notes is specified.
  2. Added code to create WEBDOCSTEMP directory in the users Application Data directory if it doesn't exist.


22 January 2010

  1. Added the GetSelectedDocValues function to get the DocID, DocType, Title and index keys of the selected row in the document grid.

vbScript Example of usage:

Dim rtn() As Variant
Dim rtnError As Variant
Dim objRouting As Object
Set objRouting = CreateObject("WebDocsRoutingClient.CLSRJSDocRouting")
'rtn(0) = DocID
'rtn(1) = DocType
'rtn(2) = Title
'rtn(3-12) = Index Keys 1-10
rtn = objRouting.GetSelectedDocValues()
'Show the selected DocID
MsgBox rtn(0)
rtnError = objRouting.LastError
MsgBox CStr(rtnError)


16 November 2009

  1. Change .ini file and temp directory locations from the application path to the users application data directory. This allows the application to be ran on a term server without having to change their temp directories or use the .shr file for individual .ini files in the application directory.


29 October 2009

  1. Fixed issue with passing a blank DocType from the RJS5250 Integrator or iSieres Office Integrator. If the DocType is passed as blank then we will use the documents existing DocType.


29 October 2009

  1. Fixed issue with updating the document keys by being called from RJS 5250 Integrator and iSieres Office Integrator and not showing the Update Index Keys dialog.


29 October 2009

  1. Fixed issue with updating the document keys when the BLANKUPD parameter on the command RJSIMAGE/DOCINFOUPD is set to *YES. Blank index keys were being checked in with *BLANKS as the value instead of being blank.


24 August 2009

  1. Fixed issue with next document in grid not being selected after a Save when Auto Open Next Document is enabled.


8 June 2009

  1. Added functionality to allow multiple document approval, rejection, removal and re-route.
  2. Added column to grid to show currently opened document.
  3. Disabled annotation tools unless a document is currently open.


11 February 2009

  1. If an RJSIMAGEDOC.SHR file is created in the same directory as the RJSIMGDOC.EXE program file, the program will create a separate INI file for each Windows network user ID in the program directory and all temp files will also be written separately for each user. This will allow the program to be run in shared mode on a network.


25 November 2008

  1. Fixed problem with paging buttons not updating correctly for PDF files.


11 September 2008

  1. Added Auto Refresh Inbox setting. If the user has the Auto Open Next Document and has a Route Pool selected it will pull from the Route Pool if their personal inbox is empty when the Auto Refresh occurs.
  2. Added viewing support for PDF documents.
  3. Added viewing crosshairs for use with TIF images.
  4. Added Route Pool pull down on toolbar for pulling from a temporary route pool. This does not affect the default route pool defined in File/Settings.


20 June 2008

  1. Fixed issue with error when minimizing the main program.


17 June 2008

  1. Added Page Rotate Left and Page Rotate Right to the menu bar and right-click menu.
  2. Added Page Flip Horizontal and Page Flip Vertical to the menu bar and right-click menu.
  3. Switched Re-Route to Defined and Re-Route to User combo box positions on Re-Route Selection form.
  4. Fixed "Runtime Error '9' when going into File/Settings when not logged in.
  5. Switched Re-Route to Defined and Re-Route to User combo box positions on Settings form.
  6. Added Auto Re-Route setting. If this setting is enabled we will not show the Re-Route Selection form. We wil just reroute using the selected Re-Route to Defined or Re-Route to User set in File/Settings. If not enabled we will show the Re-Route Selection form and also select the Re-Route to Defined or Re-Route to User that is set in the File/Settings.
  7. Added Printing functionality.
  8. Added "Set Default Zoom" to the right-click menu. This will save the users zoom level and all documents opened after this is set will open to the default zoom level.
  9. Added Delete Page button to the toolbar
  10. Change the addition of new toolbar buttons to be dynamic so the toolbarsettings.atb file doesn't have to be deleted when installing a new version with new buttons.
  11. Added Inbox document counter for users inbox.


12 June 2008

  1. Added code to allow user to change Doc Type, Doc Title and Index Keys of routing items.
  2. Added Rectangle tool and Pointer tool.
  3. Organized File/Settings screen.
  4. Added settings to control default Rectangle tool attributes.
  5. Changed wording on forms from Workflow to Routing.
  6. Fixed issue with user getting error 91 if they click on the left grid and they aren't logged in so the grid is empty.
  7. Changed work paths to be application path instead of local "C" drive by default.
  8. Made Next Page, Previous Page, First Page and Last Page buttons enable/disable according to what page the user was on.
  9. Added the saving of both the WebDocs password and iSeries password in encrypted format.
  10. Added setting to remove annotation layers upon approval.
  11. Added status bar to the bottom of the main window to display informational messages showing progress of tasks and user logged in status.
  12. Added setting to Auto open next document. This will open the top document in the inbox at the start of the application, Approve, Reject and Remove route options.
  13. Added setting Approve On Index Update. This will approve the document after the index keys have been updated.
  14. Added new User Login and Logout menu options.

**NOTE**: Users that are upgrading need to click on View/Toolbars/Restore Toolbars in order to have new menu options.



  1. Fixed issue with Workflow Routing results not showing up after RJSIMAGE V3 upgrade.
    • NOTE:**

Requires .NET API version 1.0.22 or above.



  1. Added ability to specify text for Text Annotation before annotation is created.
  2. Made Text Annotation sizeing handles visible.



  1. Added ability to sort columns Asending or Desending



  1. Added setting Combine Date and Time Stamp. This settings will put the date AND time on the image if the user clicks the Add Date Text Annotation or the Add Time Text Annotation buttons.
  2. Changed icons to new images
  3. Added Add Time Text Annotation button
  4. Made toolbars customizable and allow the saving of the layout.
  5. Added Document Notes to be displayed when viewing a document.



  1. We now use a VB5 version of getObjectField Value instead of the one in WebDocsAPI.DLL. Users on Windows 2000 were getting an Error 13 Type Mismatch at trace point 1200.
  2. Approve image changes on save setting now shows correctly on settings screen.



  1. Cut over to Pegasus Imaging V7.0



  1. Fixed problem when trying to open TIF files that LZW compression.
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