With Email Report Server/400 version 1.49 and above, you can use the address book feature to set up group email addresses. Group addresses allow you to assign multiple email addresses to a single group and then specify the group address when using the MAILSPLF command or the output queue monitor.

Entering a group address

To enter a new group email address entry:
  1. From the Email Report Server/400 main menu, choose 30. Edit Address Book.
  2. Press F6 to create a new address book entry.
  3. In Email Address, enter an email address you want to be in this group.
  4. In Group Name, choose a name for the group.

    Note: Group names must be in capital letters.

  5. For each additional email address you want to add to the group, create a separate address book entry and assign it to the same group name.

Using a group email address in MAILSPLF or 4. Edit Email Recipients

To use a group address in MAILSPLF or a new email recipient entry, for the email recipient, type GROUP:GROUPNAME, where GROUPNAME is the group name.
For example: If you have several email addresses in the address book with the group SALES, in MAILSPLF or Edit Email Recipient List, type GROUP:SALES as the email recipient. 

Embedding group email addresses within a report

To embed a group email address within a report, use the following syntax in the report's user defined data:
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