Before You Begin

When you recreate IT Resources on databases, they are recreated in IT Service databases as well.


  1. Shut down the TeamQuest Manager service using the following command:

    manager/bin/tqmgr -shutdown
  1. Remove the ITR table using the following command:

    manager/bin/tqdbu -d <dbname> -p System.ITR
  1. Restart TeamQuest Manager using the following command:

    manager/bin/tqmgr -service
  1. Shut down the application server (Vityl Monitor) using the following command:

    /teamquest/itsar/bin/ stop
  1. Edit the tlist file in the \data\itservicedatabasename directory on the application server and remove the line similar to the following:

    Table1=System, ITR, 2, Internal, itrdef, 13
  1. Delete the itrdef and itrdef.roll files from the \data\itservicedatabasename directory.
  2. Restart the application server.
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