The location of Excel Source files has changed and when attempting to create a new definition displays the error: 'ODBC data source Excel Files is configured to server EXCEL and database C:\xxxxxx\xxxx' because there is no matching entry in the data source mapping table.


You need to change the SQL Database Name (Excel File location) in the Warehouse Manager Client/Data Source Mapping?.


There are two possible solutions:

  1. Delete the Data Source Mapping and recreate it. In Warehouse Manager, select Manage\Data Source Mapping\Remove. You may find if existing definitions use that Data Source Mapping you cannot delete it.
  2. Update the SQL_DATABASE_NAME field of the SCSERVER/JDBCODBC file.  (SCSERVER is to be replaced with the correct Showcase Warehouse Manager install library on your system.)
    1. Close Warehouse Builder and Warehouse Manager on the PC (the procedure will fail if anyone is using the Data Source Mapping that needs to be updated)
    2. Remove the UPDATE trigger on the file. 
    3. Use STRDFU to update the SQL_DATABASE_NAME so it contains the correct path to the Excel File (the path should be in UPPERCASE)
    4. Add  UPDATE trigger.
    5. Check the WHM Data Source Mapping.  It will reference the correct path and a new Warehouse Builder definition will work now


Ref#: 1480026





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