Standalone Automated Analytics will not be released in March 2023. To obtain the latest updates to the product, customers can transition to the RPM version of Automated Analytics on Linux platforms

The rpm install:

  • requires 1.5GB of disk space
  • includes Java 11 and Python installs as required by Automated Analytics. The install directory for Automated Analytics will be a located in /opt/vityl. 
  • requires the user be a root user

Perform the following steps to complete the installation:

1. Save a backup of the existing standalone Automated Analytics configuration data. This is located in INSTALLDIR/surveyor/v11.3/webapps/surveyor/WEB-INF/backups. We recommend getting the latest backup file.
Also save copies of the INSTALLDIR/surveyor/v11.3/conf/server.xml and INSTALLDIR/surveyor/v11.3/webapps/surveyor/WEB-INF/ files.

2. Install the rpm: yum install vityl-data-analytics-11.3.32-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

3. Rename server.xml file in /opt/vityl/data-analytics/conf.
mv server.xml

4. Copy saved server.xml (from step 1) to /opt/vityl/data-analytics/conf. Change its' ownership: chown vityl-cm:vityl-cm server.xml

5. Rename the file in /opt/vityl/data-analytics/webapps/surveyor/WEB-INF.

6. Copy the saved (from step 1) to /opt/vityl/data-analytics/webapps/surveyor/WEB-INF.
Change its ownership: chown vityl-cm:vityl-cm
Change its permissions: chmod 600

7. Copy the saved backup (from step 1)  to /opt/vityl/data-analytics/webapps/surveyor/WEB-INF/backups.

8. Start the service: systemctl start vityl-data-analytics

9. Open Automated Analytics in a browser. Log in and restore the backup from step 1. Go to Tools> Back and Restore. Select the backup file and click on Restore Selected.

To remove standalone Automated Analytics, run the following command:
where version is the version of Automated Analytics.

Uninstalling Automated Analytics removes program files and associated folders, but leaves behind Automated Analytics customization data. The customization data contain items such as user
preferences, view and group definitions, user-defined and modified modules, and user and role definitions. 

To remove Automated Analytics data folders and files:

  • To delete only one version of Automated Analytics, delete the INSTALLDIR\surveyor\version folder for the version that you are deleting.
  • To delete all versions, delete the main installation path folder TQDIR. All files, subfolders, and versions of Automated Analytics are deleted.


For additional resources or any questions, please contact Customer Support. 

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