This error can be caused if the FTP exit points are missing from the AS/400 system. This can happen if an AS/400 was updated from CISC to RISC. The FTP exit points can be found by running the following command: '''WRKREGINF'''
The missing exit points are listed below:
QIBM_QTMF_CLIENT_REQ  VLRQ0100     *YES     FTP Client  Request Validatio
QIBM_QTMF_SERVER_REQ  VLRQ0100     *YES     FTP Server Request Validatio
QIBM_QTMF_SVR_LOGON   TCPL0100     *YES     FTP Server Logon            
In order to reinstall the FTP exit points, run the following command from the AS/400 command line. Your user ID must have the *ALLOBJ Special Authority. Also make sure to include the extra 2 spaces after the word *INSTALL and all characters are keyed in upper case:
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