Every source-based object has information attached to it that tells you where the source is located for the compiled object—this is Service Data. You can view service data using the operating system command DSPOBJD and specifying the DETAIL parameter as *SERVICE.

Abstract needs an automated method of matching a program object with its source. So, Abstract “looks” at the service data on the object and finds the corresponding source code. Sometimes, the service data is incorrect if the source code was moved after the object was compiled.

It is important to analyze your service data situation before doing any cross-reference loading in Abstract. One of the best ways to analyze the data is to run the Abstract Exceptions Report for any program object libraries you intend to load. Anytime the source code cannot be located (the service data is pointing to an incorrect source file), the source file and member names are underlined in the report.

See the Abstract User Guide for more information. You can download if from the Community/Downloads Page.





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