Robot Schedule Green Screen:

Go to the Scheduling Objects Menu and select option 5, Reserved Command Variable Objects. Either copy an existing object or press F6 to create a new RCV.

Give the RCV a name. The name must begin with the characters @@ and can be up to 8 characters long. Use only letters of the alphabet (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and these special characters (@, #, $, _, or .) in the name. Use the description field (up to 30 characters) to provide information related to the content of the RCV.

The next two fields allow a logical OR condition. The Constant Value is a static value that will not change on a daily basis. The command RBTCHGRSV can be used to change the value set in this field. The Program to Call can be a custom program or a Robot Schedule utility program. These utility programs are explained in the Robot Schedule User Guide. Whether choosing a custom program or a Robot Schedule utility, the appropriate library name must be filled in along with any parameters that need to be passed to the program.

Once the RCV is created, test it to make sure it returns the appropriate results. From the Maintain Reserved Command Variable Objects panel, enter a 2 next to the newly created RCV. A window displays the results. Finally, attach the new RCV to the call command in the Robot Schedule job.

Robot Schedule GUI:

Click on Scheduling Objects. Then right click on Reserved Command Variables and select New. Input the variable name, the @@ characters are already there. Enter a description for the RCV. Select either “Constant Value” and specify the value, or select “Program to Call” and specify the program library and name, as well as the parameter value.


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