When you try to start WinSpool/400 Email Report Server, you get VIM32 Error 16973825.


There are several possible causes of this problem:
  • The MailFile entry in the Notes Configuration File (NOTES.INI file in C:\WINDOWS) is not the mail file for the current user using Lotus Notes. Determine the current Lotus Notes user ID by looking at the USER.ID file for the user. Also verify the Access Control List. The user must have Manager access to the mail file.
  • The current mail file does not exist or the current settings point to an invalid mail file. To check the mail file settings:
    1. Open the Lotus Notes client software.
    2. Go to File > Mobile > Edit Current Location.
    3. In Mail File Location, choose On Server.
    4. In Mail File, enter a valid mail file name.

      For example: (mail\jjones)

    5. After changing the settings, retest WinSpool/400 Email Report Server to see if it works.
  • The email attachment file doesn't exist on the disk. 
  • The user has Use MAILRPT API turned on, but they are not using SMTP.
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