The following is a basic code sample that is designed to do the following:
  • Query an ODBC database for a list of potential values
  • Wrap the query result list in a basic dialog box so that the end user can select an option from the list.

Scripting Best Practices

If you have not done so already, it is recommended that you do not use the scripting file that comes with Imaging Scan Workstation (RJSIMGSCAN.BAS).  Instead, copy it to a new file name or to a new directory and change Imaging Scan Workstation to point to this copy.  This serves two purposes:
  • First, if you place it on a network location, you can have all Scan Workstations point to the same file.  This allows any changes to propagate to all the stations without the need to overwrite each local copy.
  • Second, if you reinstall or upgrade Imaging Scan Workstation, there is no chance that you will overwrite the script file.
  • Be sure that you save a backup copy of your scripting work before you begin your scripting changes. If you make a mistake, you will want to be able to use your backup copy.  
  • Be sure that you save a backup copy of your scripting work after you complete your scripting changes. If you find that somebody has corrupted or deleted the script, you will want a backup available to restore.

Code Sample

This will often be part of the RunIndexFieldLookup() function.
'Process various lookups
Dim sReturnVariantMulti As Variant
Dim lstTitleArray() As String
Dim i As Integer

Select Case iFieldIndex
 Case fiTitle

   'Run Query against WebDocs lookup list table DOCL00
   'using the iSeries Access ODBC database driver
   sReturnVariantMulti = RJSADODBMultipleRecordLookup("Driver={iSeries Access ODBC Driver};" & _
                                                        "SYSTEM=;uid=user;pwd=password;", _
                                                      "select lvalue, lseqnbr " & _
                                                        "from library.file " & _
                                                        "where ldoctype = '" & sDocType & "'" & _
                                                        "and lkeyval = 'TITLE' " & _
                                                        "order by lseqnbr, lvalue", _
                                                      100, _

   'Check for data in lookup table
   If sReturnVariantMulti(0, 0) = "DATAFOUND" Then

       Begin Dialog docTitle 400,231,"Select Title/Desc"     ' %GRID:10,7,1,1
           ListBox 10,7,380,189,lstTitleArray(),.lstTitle,1
           OKButton 100,203,80,21                            'standard OK button
           CancelButton 210,203,90,21                        'standard Cancel button
       End Dialog

       Dim dlgDocTitle As docTitle

       ' Resize listbox contents array
       ReDim lstTitleArray(sReturnVariantMulti(0, 1))

       ' Start out with nothing pre-selected
       dlgDocTitle.lstTitle = -1

       ' Fill the list
       For i = LBound(lstTitleArray) To UBound(lstTitleArray) - 1
           lstTitleArray(i) = sReturnVariantMulti(i + 1, 0)

           ' Pre-select matching item
           If sDocTitle = sReturnVariantMulti(i + 1, 0) Then
               dlgDocTitle.lstTitle = i
           End If

       Next i

       'Set title to selected value if OK clicked
       Do While Dialog(dlgDocTitle)

           ' No selection
           If dlgDocTitle.lstTitle = -1 Then
               MsgBox "Please make a selection"

               lcarrFieldValues(fvTitle) = sReturnVariantMulti(dlgDocTitle.lstTitle + 1, 0)
           Exit Do

           End If


       'Display error messages
       MsgBox sReturnVariantMulti(0, 2)
   End If

End Select


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