Use the following sample VB script code to assign fields from page 1 to page 2, and so on:
Private Sub Form_BeforePrint (Device As fdPrintDevice, Cancel As Boolean)

' This script will simply assign the fields from Page one to the second
' (and third) page

Dim lcField As Field  'Declare field object work variable
Dim lcPage As Page  'Declare page object work variable

'transfer values from page one to any corresponding values in the new page
For Each lcField In Thisform.Pages( "PAGE_NAME_FOR_PG_1" ).Fields

'there is a chance that a field on page 1 is not in the new desired page.  This will cause an
'error to occur when the value is copied.  We want to ignore this error and continue with the
'other fields.  If this error-handling statement is not included, then this page will not print
'out if an error occurs.
On Error Resume Next   'ignore errors

ThisForm.Pages("PAGE_NAME_FOR_PG_2").Fields("FIELDNAME" + "2").Activate  'activate field
ThisForm.Pages("PAGE_NAME_FOR_PG_2").Fields("FIELDNAME" + "2").Value = lcField.Value 'copy value

ThisForm.Pages("PAGE_NAME_FOR_PG_3").Fields("FIELDNAME" + "3").Activate  'activate field
ThisForm.Pages("PAGE_NAME_FOR_PG_3").Fields("FIELDNAME" + "3").Value = lcField.Value 'copy value

End Sub
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