Problem Statement:

How to configure a ShowCase ODBC or JDBC Data Source using MS ODBC Administrator?


Run the Microsoft ODBC Administrator program to create the ShowCase data source.

To Open the Microsoft ODBC Administrator, you can use one of the two (2) Options:
Option 1: Start | All Programs | ShowCase 9
Option 2: Via the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources.

Steps to create the Data Source within the Microsoft ODBC Administrator

  1. Run the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator program using one of the two options listed above.
  2. Click on the 'ADD' button,  and select one of the following drivers that pertains to the Showcase version installed onto the PC. After selecting the driver Click 'Finish'.

For ShowCase Suite 7.00 - Select ShowCase ODBC Driver
For ShowCase Suite versions 7.10 and 8.00 - Select ShowCase iSeries Driver
For IBM ShowCase 9.0 and - Select IBM ShowCase IBM I Driver
For ShowCase 9.1 - Select the ShowCase IBM i Driver

  1. For Data Source Name, type any value for Example the iSeries system name.
  2. For Description, type in information about the data source, or leave it blank.

NOTE: It is just a field to hold a long description of the data source and information about it.)

  1. For IBM i IP Address, Type in the IP Address of the iSeries or iSeries System name.

NOTE: The IP Address may be replaced with the location name if a Domain Name Server (DNS) is providing services to the network.

  1. For TCP Port, type in the ShowCase Server port number assigned to the ShowCase Server on the iSeries.

NOTE: Use the WRKSRVTBLE command to verify the port number of the Showcase server.

  1. Click 'OK' to save the settings.


Ref#: 1475443





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