Robot Schedule 12 is now available for download. See the following information for details on moving to the latest version and the new features you'll enjoy.

Robot Schedule 9, 10, and 11 Users

Robot Schedule 9, 10, and 11 users must convert to version 12.

Note: If Robot Schedule and Robot Network are running on the same IBM i, Robot Network must be at R10M15 or higher before you convert to Robot Schedule 12. We recommend that you update/convert both products at the same time.

Robot Schedule 12 Features

The new Robot Schedule 12 includes several enhancements. Here's what you'll find:

  • The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the graphics throughout the app have been updated to a new, fresher look. Tooltips are available, so if you’re unsure what an icon or button is for, hover your mouse over it to see a description.

  • A new Scheduling Object called “Event Monitors” has been added so that you can now monitor for additions, deletions, and changes in your IFS files and directories, as well as members in physical files. To support this changes, the following was added:

    • You can monitor for changes to these event types: IFS and native files, IFS directories, physical file members.

    • Generic path and file names are supported, so you can use reserved command variables (constant values only) in the path.

    • You can view the event monitor history for one or all event monitors by clicking the new icon that was added to the toolbar. You can also open this from the right-click menu on the event monitors. You can filter the list of event monitors by date, event name, event data, or event type.

    • The Event Monitor Report was added. It lists the event monitors that have been added along with the parameters that have been set for them.

    • The Event Monitor History Report was added. This is similar to the Event Monitor History that you can view above. It’s sent to a spooled file. You can generate it for one or all the event monitors, and you can filter it using a date range.

  • You can see which items will not export prior to doing a RBTMRGLIB export.

  • There’s another new report besides the two mentioned above. It’s called the Unused Jobs Report. It shows just that, a list of the jobs that haven’t been run since a selected date.

  • There is now support for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The Robot Schedule GUI now uses Java v1.7.

For more details about these new features, see the Robot Schedule 12 Enhancements document.


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