AFP-to-TIFF file conversion uses the iSeries Host Print Transform function and requires the following PTF levels:
OS/400 Release    PTF needed To display this PTF level, run...
V4R2 SF48578 (5769SS1)    DSPPTF LICPGM(5769SS1) SELECT(SF48578)   
V4R1 SF48575 (5769SS1) DSPPTF LICPGM(5769SS1) SELECT(SF48575)
V3R7 SF48574 (5716SS1) DSPPTF LICPGM(5716SS1) SELECT(SF48574)
V3R2 SF48559 (5763SS1) DSPPTF LICPGM(5763SS1) SELECT(SF48559)
For more information, see IBM's PTF site.
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