Before You Begin

Robot UPS allows you to display, and when necessary, override your system’s Power Down Time (PWRDWNSYS).

Overriding/Displaying Power Down Time

To override or display your system’s Power Down Time, enter a 3 on the Robot UPS Main Menu to display the System Setup panel, and complete the following steps:

  1. Press F7 on the System Setup panel to display the Power Down Override window. F7 is not a visible option on the panel.

  2. Read the warning, then enter the new Power Down Time in the New PWRDWNSYS time field and press Enter.

    After pressing Enter, the value in the Current PWRDWNSYS time reflects the value you entered in the New PWRDWNSYS time field. In addition, a message displays at the bottom of the window indicating that the override was successful.

  3. Press F3 to cancel the override and display the System Setup panel.


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