PaperChase Scanning Program

The PaperChase for Notes scanning program can be used to scan and OCR data from any Twain-compliant scanner. The properties and methods below can be used to launch the scanning process from within a VB application or any other OLE compliant development environment such as the Lotus Notes client. 


OCRData - This property holds the value of any data OCRed from an image document. After OCRing, this property can be read from an application to return the OCR data to the application.
OLEServerMode - This parameter should be set to True when calling the scanning module from another application. 
SaveAsFilename - This property should be set to a file name where you would like to save the scanned image file when the image scanning program is called in OLE server mode. 
TempFileName - Not currently used.


ScanImage - When this method is called, the user interface is called for scanning a new document. 
Display - This method simply displays the user interface when called in OLE mode. 
Example VB code to call scanning process:
Dim objScan as Object
Dim sReturnOCRData as String

'Load Paperchase Scanning Object
Set objScan = CreateObject("PaprScan.CPaperChaseScan")

'Set location of temporary scanned file
objScan.SaveAsFileName = "C:\TEST.TIF"

'Make sure we're in OLE server mode for scanning
objScan.OLEServerMode = True

'Launch document scanning module

'After scanning process complete, retrieve any OCR data from scan process if doc was OCRed.
sReturnOCRData = objScan.OCRData


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