Currently you cannot append to to a database file with the Batch Report Server when using the DataImport Report Converter, however there is a new feature in the Batch Report Server V2.0.25 and above that allows you to turn off the file counters so that a file always has the same name based on a spool file name, user data, etc. 

To use this feature with the DataImport Report Converter simply turn off the "Use File Extension Counters" setting in the Batch Report Server and then set the "Output File Prefix" setting in the Batch Report Server "Edit Output Directory List" screen to be one of the following values:
  • @SPOOL = Spool File
  • @JOBNAME = Spool Job Name
  • @USERID = Spool User ID
  • @USERDATA = Spool User Data
  • @FORMTYPE = Spool Form Type
By utilizing this feature, the report output file(s) will automatically be overwritten and replaced with the new data the next time a download is performed. This way the customer can process data in the database and the database will get replaced every few hours. 
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