When you start Microsoft Outlook before starting WinSpool 98 and then try to send a report from WinSpool 98 directly to Microsoft Word, you get the following error:
"Word Cannot open this document template"
C:\Program Files\...\STARTUP\TBRUN97.DOT
The next error message says:
"Word cannot open the existing "[]
The last error message says:
Error Sending Report to Word
"-2147024895 Automation Error"
No errors occur when you start WinSpool 98 before starting Microsoft Outlook.


This is not a problem in WinSpool 98, but in the Xerox Textbridge software and its file TBRUN97.DOT.
  1. Find where the file TBRUN97.DOT is and what the template file is used for. Either use the Windows 95 or NT find feature or check the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\STARTUP.
  2. Move this file to a temporary location outside the Microsoft Office Startup folder.
  3. Close and restart WinSpool 98 and Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Try to send a file to Microsoft Word from WinSpool 98.

    If it works, the problem is resolved.

  5. If this does not work, do further research into where the TBRUN97.DOT file comes from and its purpose. For more information on Xerox Textbridge, see the Xerox website.
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