If a customer is using namefmt 1 as the default setting for their FTP Server, the RJS FTP Library installation program will not work because it assumes library/file naming (namefmt 0). 
The library will have to be uploaded using a manual FTP process. 


Manual FTP library upload steps are listed below using namefmt 1 on the FTP server. 
namefmt 1 means that the FTP Server will use standard IFS file naming instead of library/file naming. 

Installing a library via FTP with namefmt 1 settings

The following steps can be used to upload the selected library via FTP. 
  1. The first step is to create the AS/400 save file using the following AS/400 command:
  2. Go to the DOS prompt and start FTP file transfer by typing:
    FTP and pressing enter.
  3. Once you see the FTP> prompt, type the following to open an FTP connection:
    open  and press enter
    Note: Your IP address will be something other than
  4. Once you receive the AS/400 login prompts, type your AS/400 User ID and password to log into the AS/400 FTP Server.
  5. Once logged in, type the following command on the FTP command prompt and press enter.
  6. Make sure the FTP site uses namefmt 1 by typing the following command and pressing Enter:
    quote site namefmt 1
  7. Type the following at the FTP prompt to upload the AS/400 library:
    send c:\pcsinst\pcsinst.lib /qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/pcsinstsvf.file
    Note: This information MUST be typed in lower case.
  8. Restore the library using the following AS/400 command:
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