The RBEANZRCL command

The Robot Schedule Enterprise Analyze Robot Client Usage (RBEANZRCL) command is designed to help you prepare to migrate from Robot Client to Robot Schedule Enterprise. It can search for instances of all, or specific, Robot Client commands, as well as Robot Schedule commands that contain the AUTORUN, RBTBCHUPD, and SNDRBTDTA commands. You can search Robot Schedule private and shared command sets, and CL source code in source files.

For the purposes of this topic, you should search for instances of the RCLEXEC command in all locations. To run the command, enter RBEANZRCL on a command line and press F4 to display the command prompt panel. Press F1 to display the command help for more information.

The RBEANZRCL command generates a report (RBE4091P) that lists all the jobs that contain the RCLEXEC command. Because these jobs are not converted when you run the RBTCVTRCL command, you must modify them manually.

The RBEANZRCL command ships with Robot Schedule Enterprise 1.15 or higher. It also is available in the RBEANZRCL save file that you can download from our website.

Note: The RBEANZRCL command can identify where all Robot Client commands are used. Running the command for all Robot Client commands (*ALL) helps you to determine the scope of a conversion to Robot Schedule Enterprise.



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