WinSpool/400 Auto Process can call PDF Report Converter as a command-line application to convert a report to PDF after it has been downloaded. The WinSpool/400 RTF and HTML Report Converter work similarly, except they use a different spool file processing application. 
To use the WinSpool/400 Auto Process:
  1. In Print Control Characters, type *PRTCTL.
  2. In Spool Output PC File, choose a temporary file.

    For example: C:\TEMP.SPL

  3. In Spool File Processing Application, set the command line for PDF Report Converter.

    For example: If PDF Report Converter is in C:\Program Files\WSPPDF, the input file is the same as the Spool Output PC File C:\TEMP.SPL, and the output file is C:\TEMP.PDF, use:


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