ERROR: ERROR:  XXXXXXX Report Server not licensed for AS/400 system XXXXXXX -or- your AS/400 user id/password has expired and needs to be changed -or- your AS/400 FTP server is not running.


This is most commonly a credentials issue, and is common after OS/400 upgrades. Retry/reenter the iSeries credentials you use. If you continue to receive this error, verify that FTP is accessible by going to Start > Run and entering 'cmd', and running the following command:
(where is the IP address of the LPAR that has the WINSPOOL library installed). If it requests a username, try the credentials you were using previously with WinSpool. If you do not receive a user prompt, FTP needs to be configured to be accessible to the WinSpool PC server. If the credentials do not work, please verify that the user exists, is active, and that the password is correct.
If you can sign on to FTP manually, verify your WINSPOOL licenses exist and match your system information using these instructions (the Verifying an Existing License subsection). Please note that there is a base WinSpool/400 license, in addition to the licenses for each individual server component.
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