Use the BARCODE field-level keyword to print a field as a user-specified bar code. BARCODE is valid only for Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) printers and only for printer files with device type *IPDS or *AFPDS.
The format for BARCODE is:
|BARCODE(bar-code-ID [height] [[*HRZ | *VRT]
|        [*HRI | *HRITOP | *NOHRI] [*AST | *NOAST]
|        [modifier] [unit-width]
|        [wide/narrow-ratio]
|        [PDF417 data]
|        [Data Matrix data]
|        [Maxicode data]])

Example of the BARCODE Keyword

 A            FIELD1        11S  O  2  4BARCODE(UPCA 6)
 A            FIELD2         3A    10  6BARCODE(CODE30F9 4 *NOHRI-
 A                                      *AST X'02')
 A            FIELD3        10S  O  4  5BARCODE(UPCE 6 (*RATIO 2.75) *HRZ +
 A                                      X'00' (*WIDTH .02))
 A            FIELD4        10A  O  5  5BARCODE(CODEABAR 1 (*RATIO 2.1) +
 A                                      *HRITOP)
 A                                  6  5'01234567'
 A                                      BARCODE(CODE128 2 *HRITOP *HRZ +
 A                                      (*WIDTH 0.1) (*RATIO 2) X'01')
 A            FIELD5        10A  0 12  5BARCODE(CODEABAR (2.0 *UOM))
 A            FIELD6        10S  0 15  5BARCODE(10 X'01')


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