Sometimes the overlay and text do not line up within a report, even though the report prints correctly. 
Use the following standard troubleshooting techniques:
  1. Are you printing to a hardware-based AFP printer (which contains a special chip to handle AFP fonts) or going through Host Print Transform (a software-based method of converting a report for printing) and converting the AFP report to PCL for printing on an HP laser printer?
    • If a hardware-based AFP printer, make sure that the AS/400 has software fonts that match the hardware fonts for the AFP printer. The printer DDS probably contains font code keywords (for example: FONT(753)) that normally tell the AFP printer which font to use. However, the Host Print Transform process does not recognize these font codes unless the same software font is on the AS/400. 
    • If Host Print Transform, fonts are less likely the problem because the Host Print Transform is converting the report for printing or to PDF/TIFF within the AS/400. 
  2. Make sure the AFP font libraries you're using are in the library list before generating or converting the selected report. If the AFP font libraries are not in the library list, the report fonts may not convert 100% correctly. Use the ADDLIBLE command to add the AFP font libraries to the library list for the user who is generating reports. 
  3. Adjust the AS/400 DDS to accomodate the software fonts when sending electronically. This requires some minor DDS work on the AS/400 print file. 
  4. If you have a report wider than 80 columns, make sure the page rotation is set to 90 in the printer file.

    For example: CHGPRTF FILE(PRINTER) PAGRTT(90) 

  5. If you are using an overlay, adjust the margin positions for the overlay. Host Print Transform has a built-in oddity that can cause text and overlay alignment to not line up unless a front overlay margin is specified in the printer file.

    For example: To set a 2" margin on the top and left:


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