Problem Statement:

MCH0601 Space offset X'00FFFE77' or teraspace offset X'0000000000000000' is outside current limit for object &1.

This occurs when clicking on the Table drop-down and the library has a large number of tables to retrieve or when attempting to access one specific library - to add additional tables.

Existing queries run which reference the library. New queries attempting to use just one specific library receive error message.

Other errors that are associated with this are:
'Function check in QPESERR, Error Handler module.' and 'Table or column reference could not be satisfied, statement level security access violation.'


This can occur if a user attempts to retrieve the table list from a library that contains in excess of approximately 10,000 or more tables. A list of approximately 10,000 or more tables can exceed the size of the space used to hold the retrieved table list


Ref#: 1475296





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