There are two types of administrative reports that can be run regarding the report archives. 

To access these reports, from the Robot Reports Main Menu, select option 5 for Administrative Reports.  Then take option 3 for Archive Reports Selection. 

Report Archive Status (REP407P)

This is a report that lists the history for a set. This can be run for a single set or all sets. It gives, Save until Date, Status, Size and Volume ID of the report.

On Archive Reports Selection, take an option 1 next to Report Archive Status.

If you enter a report set, it will run the report just for that report set. If you leave it blank it runs it for all sets.

Volume Reports

To tell which tapes or optical volumes are active or expired, various volume reports can be run. Run either the expired volume report, or the Longterm Volume report to see the inventory of volumes that have longterm reports stored on them. Run the Shortterm Volume report to see the volumes with shortterm reports stored on them. 

On Archive Reports Selection, take an option 1 next to the report you would like to run.

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