Do you have a method of formatting information in Excel Spreadsheets when sending data from the AS/400 to a PC using Office Integrator? 


  1. Generate the data file and send it to the PC.
  2. Make an Excel template.
  3. In the template, import the data file and format the data as required.
  4. Excel will ask if you want to clear the data and reload it when the template is opened. Choose to clear the data and reload it.
  5. In the AS/400 CL generate the data file as required and send it to the PC.
  6. Call the template.

    For example:

OFCRUNPC   CMD('S:\DP\Asset Inventory\BCCopy.xlt') OPTION(*LAUNCH)

  1. When Excel opens the template, you will get a box that asks if you want to import the file. Select the "Import" button.
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