When you try to mount an NFS share, you get the error message:
Cannot find address for specified system name.
When you press F1, you get the error code CPFA1CE.


The iSeries local host file (the Host Table entry) must include the iSeries's own name in both long and short format.
Note: RJS Software also recommends that that you enter the remote NFS server in both formats.
  1. On a command line, run:


  2. Choose 10. Work with TCP/IP host table entries.
  3. If you system name is S10A1234, your host file must include the following lines:      S10A1234

  4. If you are adding a Unix Server with the name UNIXSVR as well, you must also include the following lines:     UNIXSVR

  5. Save and try to mount the NFS share again.
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