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You can use the deleteNodes command to delete system nodes from TeamQuest Administration Console. You can delete the unhealthy nodes (with a Health status of Error, Forbidden, Inactive, or Invalid Key) or all nodes for a system (as found in the filename available to the deleteNodes command).


Run the following command, depending on your operating system:

Microsoft Windows Systems  

TQDIR\console\scripts\run deleteNodes.php -f “\path\to\filename” [-a]

UNIX/Linux Systems 
TQDIR/console/scripts/ deleteNodes.php -f filename [-a]


--file|-f <string>    specifies the file that contains the system names to remove from TeamQuest Administration. Each line should represent one system name. For example, the file contents can be the following:


--all|-a                   deletes all nodes for systems in the file, regardless of their health. If the -a option is not specified, only unhealthy nodes are deleted. Unhealthy nodes have a Health status of Error, Forbidden, Inactive, or Invalid Key.    

The ability to delete unhealthy nodes was added to TeamQuest Administration Console version 11.3.15 (release date July 2018). The option to allow users to delete all nodes for a system, regardless of the node health, was added to version 11.4.1 (release date July 2019).


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