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To get system information, you enter the three pieces of requested information in the System Information Tool window and click Get System Information. The program connects to the system, transfers the program via FTP, restores the program, runs the program to collect the required information, and transfers that back to the GUI. The following sections contain more detail.

Initial View

Note that the Information tab provides an outline summary of the process.


Enter Required Data

Enter valid data into the three fields and click Get System Information.


Retrieved Data

Informational messages stating which stage of the process is currently being performed appear briefly on the Information tab. Then, the retrieved data is displayed. In the background, the job ends and removes the object from the interrogated IBM i.


Processor Information

Number of System Processors come from the MATMIF MI instruction. The documentation for the field reads:

Processors in the platform - the number of physical processors in this platform that are available for customer use. This does not include temporary processors on demand that have not been turned on.

Number of Active OS Processors is the usage count from the QLZARTV API and is the equivalent of using WRKLICINF and doing a 5 next to the product with a feature of 5051. The documentation for the field reads:

Usage count: The usage count for the product or feature at the time of the retrieve operation. Valid values are 0 through 999999. If the product is using processor usage type, the usage count value will be rounded up to the next whole number. See the processor usage count field for the processor usage count in hundredths of a processor.


Copy to Clipboard

This option is used to paste the information into a separate document, for multiple partition retrievals.


Send Email

This option is used to send just this one set of information via an email.


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