When upgrading WebDocs iSeries exit programs

  • Prompt the copy of DOCCHKIN in the old library
    • If exit programs are not DOCEXITC/*LIBL & DOCEXITPC/*LIBL
      • Write down the programs and libraries
      • Run the command CHGCMDDFT RJSIMAGE/DOCCHKIN & set the exit programs in the new version of the library as they were in the old.
  • Determine if exit programs require recompilation
    • Check paramters on DOCEXITPC & DOCEXITC for 5 folder levels
    • Check programs for use of WebDocs files (name prefix is DOC)
      • DSPPGMREF LIBRARY/PROGRAM and look for files with the DOC prefix
      • Mark down the format level (a long #) for each match
      • DSPFD for each file
      • Look for the format level ID. If it is not the same as what you found in DSPPGMREF, recompile.
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