This problem can occur if the WSPBCH32.MDB file, which holds the Batch Report Server settings or the WSPINDEX.MDB file, which holds the report catalog info somehow gets corrupted. Corruption can occur if the Batch Report Server program gets shut down abnormally or a PC is rebooted while the Batch Report Server program is open. Disk errors on the PC can also cause this problem. 
Note: In this particular instance where the error is at Trace Point 200 it's most likely the WSPBCH32.MDB that got corrupted. 


Copy the new WSPBCH32.MDB or WSPINDEX.MDB file from the WSPBCH32 directory on the RJS Software Systems CD. You can also send a copy of the damaged file to RJS Software Systems for analysis to see if we can salvage the existing data in the file. 
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