During the initial setup and migration to the Viewpoint Repository, you may find the need to start fresh and get back to a clean slate. The quickest process to clean up and reset the repository is presented below. Using the SEQUEL Web Interface (SWI) objects are removed folder-by-folder along with any referenced host query-related objects and Automate Schedule job objects.

This document assumes you have a configured and working SEQUEL Web Server (SWS) (part of the Unified Server install), along with migrated or created query objects, migrated C&DS jobs or created Skybot jobs.


  1. Start a browser to access the SWS server (http://SWSServerName/sequel/web/index.html) and authenticate using an Admin profile.
  2. Navigate to the Repository and expand the folders within.
  3. Right-click a folder you wish to remove (see note below), and select the Delete option.

    • If the folder contains Viewpoint shortcut files (.vptxxx), you will be asked if you wish to delete any referenced host objects. You should select the Yes option.

    • If the folder contains Automate Schedule (formerly Skybot) job definitions (.skybot or .job) you will be asked if you wish to delete any referenced Skybot job objects. Select Yes for this as well.

    • There will be a pause (times will vary depending on folder size) followed by a confirmation message in the browser. You may have to refresh the display with a Ctl-F5 to see the change to the repository.

  4. Repeat the process for the remaining folders in the repository.

Note: Do not delete the repository root 'Repository' as this is created by the install process.

When finished with the steps above, you should have only a Repository folder.

Automate Schedule

There are several areas in Skybot you can review to verify everything was cleaned up properly.

With a browser, access your Automate Schedule server (http://SkybotServerName:8008/automate-schedule/), and log on as Administrator. Use the table here to access the areas listed.

Item Select from the Skybot Menu:
Jobs Jobs\Individual Jobs
Job Suites Jobs\Job Suites
Member Jobs Jobs\Member Jobs
Notification Lists Objects\Notification Lists
Variables Objects\Notification Lists

Each item is presented in a list based on the job name. Some of the lists allow for multi-selection so you can delete many items at time, and others require deletion one object at a time.

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