Depending on your workflow, you may have a need to be able to immediately answer and then delete certain messages that are forwarded to the QMessage Monitor console, based upon their message data.

You can use the DELETE function within QMessage Monitor’s escalation procedures to accomplish this.

Escalation Procedure

Create a Group type Escalation Procedure:


The escalation steps will answer the message and then use the DELETE function to remove it:


Auto-Reply Rule

Now create an auto-reply rule to monitor for the specific message ID:


Log Option “V” is chosen so the messages do not appear on the console, but the history is available in the Activity Log for audit purposes:


Select the newly created Escalation Procedure:


Enter the required field data:



Here's the message file with the message IDs selected for testing:


Use the MMSNDMSG command to generate a test message as shown:


DY00002 is sent to the QSYSOPR queue. QMessage Monitor matches it against the auto-reply record number 960, as shown. It's then answered and deleted from the console:


Repeat the process for different message data for DY00002 and a different message ID DY00003:


The original message has been deleted but the other two messages are present on the console.


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