Controlling Intermapper Remote Access

Use the following settings to enable and control Intermapper Remote Access. These are all available from the Intermapper Server Settings window.

  • Be sure that external IP addresses are enabled - in Server Settings > Remote Server settings, add one or more IP addresses or ranges corresponding to the Remote client's addresses.
  • Create one or more users or groups in Server Settings > Users. These users can connect using their name and password.
  • Set the map access - in Server Settings > Map Access, be sure that the users or groups have access to the desired maps.

"Invalid Username or Password" Error

If you encounter an Invalid Username or Password error message:

  • Check to make sure the username and password you are trying to use are in the Users section of Server Settings on the Intermapper Server.
  • Check the Intermapper Server's firewall settings in Server Settings > Remote Server settings. The IP address or address range must be in the server's Access Control List with the "Allow" attribute set.

"Server Not Available" Error

There are two reasons you might see this message displayed:

  1. If the Intermapper server is running on Windows, you need to add an exception for the Remote Server on port 8181 in the Windows firewall > Exceptions settings on the server.
  2. Check that the Intermapper service/daemon is running on the server.
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