NOTE: This information relates to deprecated versions of WebDocs using classic ASP and does not apply to current versions of WebDocs Windows;
New WebDocs for Windows DotNet SOAP Client API Setup (Client Side is still VB6 based)
Soap SDK Installer
WebDocs Soap Client Setup
File/Settings for RJS Image Scan Workstation V1.1.24b for WebDocs Windows Checkin via Web Service
WebDocs URL (Only Main Portion of URL Changes for each customer)
Using WebDocs - Enabled
Direct Check-In - Enabled
Use FTP - Disabled
Check in via Web Browser - Disabled
Check in via WebService - Enabled
Load WebDocs API - Disabled
Enter a WebDocs User
Enter a WebDocs Password
After changing settings, restart scan workstation program and Get Folder List.
**Note: If the URL is invalid or the user ID or password is invalid you will see an error message on scan workstation startup.
**Note: Make sure to create at least 1 doc type of you may get an error msg when retreiving doc types.
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