• Fixed a memory leak when connecting to mail servers




  • Upgraded the internal PDF and TIFF file manipulation framework
  • Removed several prerequisites from the installer




  • Added @ATTACHFILEPREFIX keyword to subtitution options


  • Updated download URL for installer prerequisites




  • Better error handling reconnecting to the inbox if the end user has network connectivity issues.




  • Fixed issue with the delete after processing option.  The Email Monitor would process all of the emails, but would only perform the after processing option for half of them.




  • Added separate login credentials for WebDocs iSeries
  • Added @Subject and other variables for directory output and filenames
  • Added option to replace file if it already exists in the output folder
  • Update to use the WebDocs Client Proxy


  • Email Monitor allows you to leave required WebDocs iSeries keys blank
  • Email Monitor allows you to leave required WebDocs Windows keys blank
  • Trying to stop Service while it's already stopping generates Unhandled Application Error
  • SQL Server password upon install sets Email Monitor settings correctly
  • Updated non-user-friendly error message when WebDocs Settings are invalid
  • Keys weren't being passed to WebDocs Windows
  • Adding Filter to Inbox after first Filter creates extra rows in OutputSetting database table
  • Adding Inbox creates Filter but not corresponding OutputSetting
  • Filter set to Body Criteria = Ends With does not find emails that end with body text value
  • Cannot edit Filter from All Inboxes back to This Inbox
  • Finish button in Prerequisites Wizard bypasses required prerequisites & generates errors
  • 'SQL Database' page in installer doesn't validate the port
  • Email Monitor does not check documents into a secondary level folder in Webdocs-iseries
  • When you install the product the Error Directory installs blank and it also isn’t created when install occurs.
  • Cannot delete Filter criteria once added
  • Save to Folder value not being saved when Inbox is created
  • When running monitor to deliver to WebDocs iSeries, get error "Could not log into WebDocs" even though log-in info on Settings screen says WDi log-in was successful
  • Cannot output to existing directory
  • Cannot use @From in Directory and File Name
  • @BodyText does not substitute email body text into Title/Keys
  • Changing inbox password and then clicking away causes password to be blanked out
  • When saving WebDocs Windows settings, error displays "iSeries USername/Password is a required field"
  • Adding first Filter to Inbox generates log errors & does not save changes to Filter
  • Error messages for WebDocs iSeries log-in expose WebDocs Password
  • No warning message when Connection Timeout is blank
  • No warning message when Wait Period is blank
  • Entries not being written to Log when service is started
  • Adding new 'All Inboxes' filter generates errors in the log & deletes the filter
  • 'Output To' information for WebDocs not being saved to database


  • Monitor multiple POP3 inboxes.
  • Save attachments to Windows directories, WebDocs iSeries, or WebDocs Windows.
  • Filter which attachments to save, and where to save them, by subject, from address, message body, or attachment name.
  • Run the monitor interactively or as a Windows service.
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